The Chain Conveyors produced in SLAV-CHAINS Ltd. have been designed to meet the most recent requirements of the market in field of conveyance of granular products. The high standards of quality control in design and construction is guarantee of correct performance with low maintenance costs. 


Chain conveyors are divided in 5 series. Considering the wheat as a basic product (s.w. 0.75 t/m3) the nominal capacities are divided between 15 tons and 150 tons per hour. It is also possible to manufacture machines with capacitates up to 300 t/hour. 
As a standard the machines  are produced in galvanized steel, but the complete range can be produced in painted version too. It is also available in stainless steel upon request.

TYP СС15 СС25 СС50 СС100 СС150
Capacity t/hour s.w. 0,75 t/m3 15   25 50 100 150  
Tensioning station A (мм) 950 950 950 950 950
Head station A (мм) 950 950 950 950 950
Width H (мм) 190 195 220 320 350
High C (мм) 250 356 380 420 460
Trough section (мм) 2000 3000/2000 3000/2000 3000/2000 3000/2000

  • The Head section of  chain conveyors produced in SLAV-CHAINS ltd. is built with shaped galvanized sheet metal, strengthened with very thick metal plates. All parts are bolted together to a solid structure with high quality bolts and secure nuts.
  • Drive sprocket wheel is made from C45 steel (not cast construction). It is machined with the CNC lathes and CNC milling machines.
  • The head section is delivered with Plug Relief Door with limit switch. In case of clogging, the storage action the product lifts the door and activates the limit switch witch stops the conveyor.
  • Optionally the head section is provided with “Chain anti-slacking” system witch avoid the abnormal chain slack.

  • The tensioning section is build with galvanized sheet metal panels bolted together and strengthened with iron plates both sides.
  • The foot is supplied with chain tensioning system, made with two slides supporting the shaft and return sprocket. The slides are connected with the final part through two screw turnbuckles. Operating the turnbuckles the slides are adjusted in the opposite direction to the flowing the product.
  • The return sprocket is made in carbon steel C45.  It is machined with the CNC lathes and milling machines.
  • The self-aligning bearings are made by well known producers as LDK, KOYO, SKF, FAG etc.
  • They are different type of troughs depending on the capacity and type the machine. Usually they are 5 types troughs:
    • simple trough
    • double bottom trough
    • trough with side inlet
    • trough with capacity control system
    • self cleaned trough
  • The trough is built in galvanized sheet metal panels bolted together.
  • The bottom is made from galvanized sheet metal and its size changes according to the series. Optionally the bottom can be covered with UHWM PE1000 sheet.
  • In the Trough section on every 750 mm are bolted UHWM roller returns on they the chain leans by its return.  
  • Troughs are provided in lengths 980 mm, 1980 mm and 2980mm. In any case the conveyor is delivered on the length required by the Customer.
  • New chain conveyors are equipped with very high quality roller chain 81X or 81XH with scrapers. On the scrapers are bolted paddles in UHWM PE1000 to reduce the wear, tear and to protect the product transported.
  • Chains are delivered on lengths in 10 m. connecting links included.

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