Flat bottom silos

Flat bottom silos


SLAV-CHAINS LTD offers complete solutions for design, supply, errection and equipment of flat bottom silos
                             for long-term storage of large quantities of grain, seeds and dranular products.

  • Flat bottomed silos are made of corrugated structural steel S390GD galvanized with zink 450 gr/m2 or on request 600 gr/m2, Galfan coating or Magnelis                   
  • The vertical pillars are made of structural steel S390GD galvanized with zink 450 gr/m2 (or 600 gr/m2 on request) which eleminate the effect of deformation the sheet after filling the equipments by grain.  
  • The use of corrugated steel ensures the construction durability, assuring longer lifetime of a silo, or less heating in the summer.
  • The side plating assembly is so called "BRICK TYPE" so as to extend the life-time of the silo.
  • The silos are equiped with vents and turbo-ventilators which eliminates water condensation under the roof in case of temperature differences inside and outside the silo.
  • All silos are equiped with VENTILATION SYSTEM simultaneously cools and aerates (ventilated) the grain
  • The Flat bottom silos obtain TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM , which allows a constant overview of the garin paramenters.

FLAT BOTTOMED SILOS standard equipments:
  • Roof vent
  • Turbo foof-ventilator
  • Galvanized roof hatch
  • Galvanized side hatch
  • Poles together with the support structure of the silo - galvanized
  • Set of mounting galvanized screws of grade 8.8
  • Set of washer assembly
  • Set of anchors fixing the silo to the ground
  • Sealant for galvanized steel
  • Foundation guidelines for the selected silo


  • CHAIN CONVEYORS (REDLER) - they are used for horizonatal movement of grain and granular products. The CHAIN CONVEYORS produced by  SLAV-CHAINS LTD are designed to ensure long-time hard work with minimum maintenance costs.
  • BUCKET ELEVATORS - they are used for vertical movement of grain, seeds and granular products. The bucket elevators are used for filling the silo with the grain.
  • UNLOADING AUGERS - mounted in the concrete floor they unload the silo.
  • SWEEPT AUGERS -  they sweept the grain from a bin floor
  • VALVES - The two-way valves and three-way valves are used to diverting the product flow. Manualy or electricaly operated.
  • SLIDING GATES -Produced in galvanized steel they can be manualy or electrically operated
  • CATWALKS - galvanized, with hand railing and mounting brackets       
  • ELEVATOR TOWERS - Galvanized construction with stairs and operating platforms
  • RECEIVING PIT- it can be concrete receiving pit or bolted construction produced from galvanized sheet metal                     
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Flat bottom silos