Bucket elevators produced by SLAV-Chains Ltd. are made of high resistance galvanized steel, bolted together to a solid    structure. Optionally, for special application or upon specifications required bucket elevators can be produced painted or in stainless steel.

Our bucket elevators are designed to perform and build tough to provide years of hard work with minimum maintenance. The high standards and totally quality control in the design and in the construction are guaranties to correct working.


Bucket elevators produced in SLAV-CHAINS LTD. are standard divided into 4 standard series. Considering the wheat as the basic product (dry s.w. 0,75 t/m3) nominal capacities are divided between 5 and 150 tons per hour. 
Upon request is possible to construct bucket elevator up to 500t/hour.

MODEL BE15 BE25 BE50 BE100
t/h s.w. 0,75 t/m3
5-15 20-40 40-50 50-100

*all dimensions are in mm and approximative.

All   SLAV  bucket elevators include :
                                               INLET SECTION  (FOOT),
                                               DISCHARGE SECTIN  (HEAD),
                                               DUCTS and
                                               BELT with buckets.

  • The foots are produced in galvanized sheet metal panels, that are bolted to each other to give solidity to the structure.
  • Tensioning of the belt is carried out of two slides of 8mm sheet metal witch run on guides. The slides are connected to a two turn-buckles. Operating these turn-buckles the pulley is adjusted in the tensioning direction.
  • The standard boot is equipped with two hatches for its empting and cleaning.
  • The boot pulley is normally produced with a series of plates welded to a central disk and two side disks. The pulley is turned so as to ensure the belts self-centering easier.
  • The bearing units used are produced in recognized companies as LDK, FAG, SKF, KOYO etc.

  • The HEAD is produced in galvanized sheet metal, stiffened with reinforcing sections. The head profile is designed to optimize the unloading of the buckets and reducing the impact to the minimum. All parts subject to wear witch come in to contact with the abrasive granular product are covered with anti-wear UHWM PE 1000 plates.That allows reducing the wear and tear, typical of these machines, and respect the quality of the transported product.
  • The towing pulley is made up of a shell welded to a two discs and one central disk in sheet metal and onto the hub is welded too. Optionally the towing pulley is rubber covered.
  • The machine is powered with a gear motor unit witch transmit the motion to the towing pulley. The geared motor unit can be connected directly to the shaft or with a belts or chain transmission in protection case. 
  • Optionally the shaft is supplied with anti-reverse brake.

  • The ducts are built from galvanized sheet metal panels, which are bolted to each other. Each part is connected to the next with a special spacer element witch guaranties the perfect alignment of the ducts.
  • The thickness of the ducts depends on the required capacity and the machines high. Standard they are produced from sheet metal with thickness 2 mm – 2.5 mm.
  • The first pair of ducts are INSPECTION DUCTS. The inspection ducts can be opened on two sides to allow easy interventions on the belt and buckets. The inspection ducts are strenghtened with special mounting in order to ensure the stability of the elevator, even during the checking and maintenace operations.
  • The spacer is built from galvanized sheet metal with thickness 2,5 mm, 3,0 mm or 4,0 mm depending the capacity and high of the machine.
  • Standard lengths of ducts are  1750 – 1950 - 2500 - 2750 and 2950 mm. Of course the elevator will be delivered with the high required by the Purchaser and if it’s necessary some “to measure” ducts will be produced.    
  • Belts used in our Bucket Elevators are different types in relation to the model, product to be transported size of the machine or specific customer’s requirements.
  • Standard Bucket elevators Produced in SLAV-CHAINS Ltd. are delivered with buckets in UHWM PE 1000 so as to guarantee a high capacity and total empting the product transported. Optionally elevators can be provided with metal buckets or buckets in stainless steel.
  • Buckets are bolted to the belt with the high class elevator bolts with flat pointed heads and secure nuts. The number and size of bolts are variable in relation with the model the machine.

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